Product Description

Sanitary valves and piping fittings

Valve, piping fittings colligation technique parameter.
Standard: ISO, GB, DIN, IDF, 3A, QB
In accordance with GMP and FDA regulation standard.
Diameter: DN6-200mm
Liquid direction: Direct way three way and many ways.
Driver way: Electric, pneumatic and handle
Seals: Silicon, edible rubber, EPDM
Connection way: Double-quick clamp ISO/SMS/DIN united pieces (U. K. Standard/ metric Standard), flange and welding.
Statement of surface treatment: Glass polishing, sub-polishing treatment, chemical acid washing.
Material: Stainless Steel 316L or 304

Piping normal standards: ø 19.5, ø 25.4, ø 31.8, ø 38.1, ø 45, ø 50.8, ø 57, ø 63.5, ø 76.1, ø 88.9, ø 101.6, ø 108, ø 114.3, ø 133, ø 159, ø 219
Thickness: 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm
Max working pressure: ≤ 0.98MPa, length: 4-6m/unit
The executed stainless steel tube standard: GB/T14976-2002, GB/13296-91, ASTM/ASME A213, JISG3459, JISG33463, DIN7458

Piping fittings
Range: Elbow, tee, cross, reducer
Standard: GB, IDF, ISO, DIN, JIS
Specification: Same piping specification

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